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Blog Tour: J.E. MacLeod and WAITING TO SCORE

Two blog tours stops in a row! Today I'd like to introduce you to J.E. MacLeod, author of the YA novel WAITING TO SCORE, about a superstar hockey player with more to him than the standard jock, which you can grab come Thursday.

About the book:

Zack Chase, new in town, gets a crash course in the dangerous, fast-paced lives of local teen athletes. A good-looking, book-loving hockey star, Zack’s also expected to be a womanizing, alcohol-abusing party animal, but it’s not who he is. As jealous, obnoxious team captain Mac hounds him, Zack falls for Goth-girl Jane and befriends her teammate brother, both with their own secrets. Tragedy strikes and affects them all in this true-to-life debut novel, giving readers an insight into the lives of high school students and athletes.

An Interview with J. E. MacLeod:

Me: What were your favorite books (or types of books) as a teen, and what was it about them that appealed to you? What, on the other hand, would make you put a book down?
J.E.: I loved Judy Blume. LOVED her. And S.E. Hinton, swoon, but I think I was more pre-teen when I read them. I'd burn through books that seemed to "get me". I thought I was the only one going through some of the things I went through as a teen, and it was nice to find out I wasn't alone. I don't really remember putting a book down at that age. If I started it, I finished it.

Me: Have your reading tastes stayed the same, or have you discovered new loves and peeves (and if so, what are they)?
J.E.: I am unequivocally in love with the YA that is out there today. Although I wasn't much of a paranormal reader until recently, I've become a fan of well written YA paranormal.

Me: What was your favorite part of writing WAITING TO SCORE, and what was the hardest?
J.E.: My fave part of writing WAITING TO SCORE was the main character, Zack. He came to me one day and his story flowed. It was probably the easiest book I've ever written. The hardest part was revising and making Zack do some naughty things.

Me: Did you draw on any people/places/experiences from your life while writing?
J.E.: I totally take things from my life-- people I know, places I go, things that have happened to me or other people's experiences. I think I've always got my writer's eye on now. I eavesdrop, I people watch, everything is fodder. The best part is most people are completely unaware of what I am doing. :)

Me: What was the most exciting moment during the publishing process? The scariest?
J.E.: The most exciting moment was minutes after the call from my agent saying my book had sold. I was so freaking happy. I'd had a couple of really disappointing close calls and the reality I was really going to get a book published was so gratifying and mind boggling. The scariest part is having people read the book.

Me: What are you working on now?
J.E.: I've just finished revisions on a contemporary YA and I'm going to get back to a paranormal YA that is calling to be finished.

Hope you enjoyed getting to know J.E.! One interview to come later this week. :)
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