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Character meme

robinellen made an awesome meme and tagged me! :) So, here we go...

Which five book characters are you most like (including, if you want, one of your own)?

1. Martha in Zilpha Keatley Snyder's THE CHANGELING (which acoppedge is singing the praises of today, BTW). I was pretty timid as a kid, but I always had a lot of imagination and a love for story-telling, and I eventually came out of my shell and into my own. Still wish I'd had an Ivy in my life, though!

2. Sophie in Roald Dahl's THE BFG. Thoughtful and practical, and able to take the most unbelievable situation and find a solution to it.

3. Roo/Ruby in E. Lockhart's THE BOYFRIEND LIST and THE BOY BOOK. Our lives are not at all the same (other than we're both swim-team-ers), but her voice and her attempts to figure out what's going on with the people around her (and with herself) remind me of myself at that age more than any other character I've read.

4. Laura in Louis Sacher's SIXTH GRADE SECRETS. This was my favorite of his books as a kid, and I think Laura is why--I could relate all too well to her stubbornness, competitiveness, and strict principles.

5. From my own books, I've have to say Cass from GIVE UP THE GHOST. Unlike Cass, I was pretty happy in junior high and high school, and I got along with just about everyone. But her sarcasm, cynicism, and standoffishness are elements of my personality taken to the extreme.

And I tag anywherebeyond, dawn_metcalf, deva_fagan, libation, and tlcadence.
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