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Come to Flycon!

Starting early tomorrow morning, a most awesome online fantasy and science fiction convention will be beginning--Flycon 2009. Flycon is planned with activites during the peak hours of every time zone. There will be panel discussions, readings, author talks and more. You are all invited to join in!

I will be on the following panels:

Debut 2009 SF/Fantasy Novelists - Saturday, 9am EST
with Lisa Mantchev, R.J. Anderson, Saundra Mitchell, and Deva Fagan

Writing: Alpha and Beta Reading Process - Saturday, 11am EST
with Jeri Smith-Ready, Chris Dolley, and Moondancer Drake

Writing: Breaking into Print - Saturday, 4pm EST
with Lisa Mantchev, Chris Dolley, and Devon Monk

And there are tons more to check out. And the best thing about an online convention is even if you can't make it for the official panel time, it'll still be there for you to read over and continue commenting afterward!

For more information, visit the Flycon LJ community - flycon2009 - and check out the full panel schedule.
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