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I should really be asleep right now. I have to get up early to go work in the school tomorrow. But my brain often refuses to shut up when I try to go to sleep early.

Tonight that resulted in a particularly spectacular example of the bizarre ways in which the writing mind (or the muse, or whatever you want to call it) can work.

See, I have this one story idea I've been wanting to write for five years now, wrote various notes on and even wrote the first couple chapters of, but could never get to work in a way that seemed unique enough. (This was supposed to be contemporary action-adventure.)

And I have this other idea I've been playing with for a few months, that's not really a story yet, but what I think is a really great setting + vague premise-y type deal. I was a little nervous about where the plot was going to come from, but figured I'd be inspired once I started researching. (This is supposed to be historical fantasy.)

Anyway, I was lying there in the dark pondering Idea B a little bit, and not considering Idea A at all, but mostly my mind was wandering over various popular tropes in YA novels and a funny, off-the-cuff thread over at the Blue Boards and it occurred to me that something was missing there, and something that happens to be in Idea A, and then the light bulb went on with a ding and I thought, OMG, I can put Idea A's plot into Idea B's setting/premise... and it just might work perfectly!

And all I can do is be thankful I ended up with a brain that likes to turn chaos into sense, every now and again. :)
Tags: bitten by a great idea, inspiration, the process

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