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The municipal school board here holds a short story contest every year for high school students. Basically, interested students submit a short story around the beginning of the school year, and then in the spring the top 50 or so stories are picked. Those students are invited to an Authors' Day where they get together in groups to discuss writing with each other and a professional writer. Then the top-top stories are announced and handed out in a booklet.

I was lucky enough to be one of the chosen student authors all five years I was in high school (back then Ontario high schools had a grade 13 for students who wanted to go to university). It was always a lot of fun getting to hang out with other writers my age, and hearing bits of other people's stories, and then the excitement of waiting to see if my story would be in the booklet... I remember the first year I went, sitting there as they called out the names, my heart literally pounding so hard I had trouble hearing.

(For the curious, my stories made it into the booklet twice.)

Now, exactly ten years after the last time I attended Authors' Day as a student, I've been invited to participate as one of the guest authors. It doesn't feel like that long ago I was one of the eager and nervous teens, wondering if I could really make a career out of this writing thing, and now I'll be able to offer advice and hope to those teen writers. It's pretty amazing! And I have to admit I'm not sure I'll be any less eager and nervous than I was when I attended on the other side of things. ;)

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