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Fun things on a Friday

Well, actually the fun thing happened yesterday, but Fun and Thursday just don't have the same alliteration.

I got to meet fellow Deb and YA author Neesha Meminger at her Toronto book launch yesterday evening!

We got to talk a little about writing and publishing, and then Neesha gave a great talk and read from SHINE, COCONUT MOON (it's amazing how a powerful scene becomes even more powerful when you hear the author read it), and I got her to sign a copy for me, of course.

And now I'm extra-excited about BEA in May, where I'll get to hang out with Neesha again, plus other Debs, 2K9ers, and Blue Boarders. I'm not ever going to want to go home.

Or maybe I'll kidnap you all and force you to move to Toronto--or at least hold book launches here. It's a great city, really!

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