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The calm in the centre

I wanted to go out and see a reading tonight, but stupid cold has made me decide to stay in. I don't feel all that sick but I've been coughing all day. Ate almost an entire package of Vicks last night. Was worth it for the conversation, but I think I've had enough menthol to last me at least a decade. :P

It's been nice to just get some things done that needed doing, and not have to worry about finding the time to write, or making myself stop procrastinating. Probably in a few days I'll be itching to write again. But for now, it's nice and peaceful.

Except for the fact that my brain has been bugging me about something that is not going to be discussed here, other than to say that sometimes my brain and I don't get along.

*kicks brain*

Just one of those times.

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