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For the writers among you… Want a critique?

You may have heard that author Cynthea Liu is hosting an awesome and amazing party to celebrate the launch of her novel, PARIS PAN TAKES THE DARE.

What is so awesome and amazing about Take the Dare: Show You Care? Well, for starters, Cynthea is raising money to buy books for a school-in-need in her home state. Can’t find a much better cause than that!

There’s tons of fun stuff going on over at the site, but most of the money is being raised through a whole bunch of fantastic auctions from lots of wonderful authors and editors and agents. And I’m pleased to say that I have joined those authors!

Interested in getting a critique of the first three chapters of your YA novel, plus query letter? Head on over here and bid. It says contemporary paranormal because that’s what GIVE UP THE GHOST is, but I have critiqued and am totally comfortable critiquing any sort of spec fic (all sorts of fantasy, paranormal, science fiction, etc.). And I’d love to help one of you make your manuscript and query even stronger–and to help out those kids as much as possible at the same time. :)

Happy bidding!

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