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Is it a bad sign...

...if you sit down to write a journal entry and become suddenly struck with writer's block?


I have been writing. Started on the full-story version of "Seven Years", which is going to be exactly the same as the flash fic except that it's called "As You Were" (for now, at least), the characters's genders are switched, it's been temporally relocated, and the voice is 1st person. Er, yeah. :) Well, no one will be able to accuse me of ripping off my own story.

Not sure how far I'm going to get with this, as I'm going into it without outlining. I just picked it because it seems to be where I'm at emotionally right now.

And I must also share with you the Best Line Ever from High Fidelity (novel): "I have come to the conclusion that my guts have shit for brains." Also probably the Best Line Ever from the movie, which is almost exactly the same. Wish I'd read the book first so I'd know how it would have played in my head on its own, but oh well.

Off to commune with the poets tonight. Callooh, callay!

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