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Writer at Work: Retreat!

Note: I will be away without internet access from the afternoon of the 7th until July 12th, so if you comment or e-mail me during that time I won’t be able to respond right away. I will try to get back to everyone ASAP after I get back.

Why will I be away without internet access? Well, it has something to do with this:

Every summer my in-person writers group rents a cottage, and we all head up there for several days to write and talk about writing and eat very yummy food (one of our members is an avid cook :D ) and when we have a few spare moments do cottage-y stuff like canoe and swim. But mostly it is writing. I find a lovely glade like so:

Haul over a lawn chair, open up my laptop, and start tapping away.

It’s amazing how much you can get done with few distractions and no other responsibilities! Last year I wrote nearly half of the first draft of LOKI’S BOY in the five days we were up there. This year I’m hoping to make similar progress on the Japan book. I find retreat writing is especially good for first drafts because I prefer to get them done as quickly as possible (gotta get the story down on the page so I can start fixing it! heh).

In the meantime, it’ll be quiet here on the blog, but you can still participate in the current giveaway or bid on my critique offer — Cynthea’s auctions end tomorrow!

Hope you all have a great week!

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