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Okay, that place is totally my poetry place now. Good crowd, good readings, met some interesting people, and--it's a Sign I tell you!--both times had someone mention Jung to me after I acknowledged (only when asked, because this isn't the sort of info you want to spread around, people start thinking you can read their minds when frankly I have enough trouble reading my own) that I'm studying psychology. Not usually the first name that comes up. Though I guess with poetry people... or writerly people... or whatever. Symbolic stuff = good.

Don't I have a beautiful way with words? :P

I have to admit at this point that I really have no idea about anything when it comes to poetry. I wrote a good (well, bad, actually) load of it back in high school, and I've read a fair bit, but my understanding of it is so limited that it all falls into one of two groups: the crap, and the not crap. Not crap could range anywhere from decent to brilliant, and I wouldn't be able to tell the difference. I just know what I enjoy and what I don't, and I'm pretty good at telling when something I don't enjoy is not crap just not my thing, but otherwise... :P

It struck me tonight that there's a good thing about being ignorant, though. Providing you recognize your ignorance. It's really hard to be snotty about something you admit you know shitall about. You get a lot of different styles at the readings, and people will get a bit of a smirk when it's not their thing, but it's a that's crap smirk more than a that's not my thing smirk. Which annoys me, really, because I suspect many of them don't get the stuff any more than I do. I mean, I understand it, because I've done it with other people's work, too. It's the making-yourself-feel-better-about-your-own-work-by-looking-down-on-others' thing. But I don't like it when I do it, and it's nice that I don't/can't with poetry (because heck, I know the stuff I was writing was in the crap category, and it's not like it makes a difference now anyway).

I am going to make a recommendation, nevertheless, in case anyone who's near or in Toronto and likes poetry happens to read this in the next 20 hours. The first featured reader was a guy from Hong Kong, who read his poems in Mandarin and then a friend and fellow poet read the English translation. Definitely not crap, and I liked it. Plus I was sitting with the three of them (the poets + the translator), and I liked them, too. The guy--Zheng Danyi--is having a book launch at Hart House (part of UofT, v. nice, went to a couple of Athletic Banquets there in high school) tomorrow (Thursday) at 7:30 pm. I think it's free, but don't quote me on that.

I don't think I'm going to be going, 'cause I'm going to another poetry thing in a few days, and that'll be enough poetry for a couple weeks at least. But I figured I may as well pass it on in my own minor way.

Oh, and there's a website listed on the card, that has a few of the English poems--it's here.

Mandarin is a pretty language. :)


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