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Friday Five

1. Three and a half days left to enter to win an ARC of GHOST plus swag. Many thanks to everyone who’s participated so far! :)

2. My buttons arrived! Are they not lovely?

That’s a lot of Cass.

3. Some person has put up not one, but three ARCs of GHOST on Ebay. With a photograph clearly showing the “Not for sale” bit at the bottom of the cover. *headdesk* But really it just bugs me because that means three people who actually wanted to read the book didn’t get copies at whichever convention the seller grabbed them at.

4. My friend and ghost book twin Saundra Mitchell has posted a most excellent (and true) vlog about how to write a novel. If you have any writing inclination at all, watch!

5. I have discovered a new TV show to love and squee over. Is anyone else watching Nurse Jackie? I first saw the posters in the subway stations in NYC and figured, hey, Edie Falco, worth a try, and now I await each new episode with the sort of gleeful excitement I have not felt since Dexter’s first season (not that the shows are much alike, other than both being awesome).

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