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Flashback: Kids

October 16, 1997 (Megan is 16)

Babysitting yesterday was a little… hectic. I was just looking after the youngest, who’s young enough to still be in diapers and to need a bottle of milk before going to bed. He can’t talk. When it was his bed time I tried to give him his bottle but he didn’t want it. I tried again a little later and he still didn’t want it, and right after that he started crying for his mom and I couldn’t get him to calm down. I had to call my mom to see what to do, and she recommended walking around with the kid. I tried that, and at the same time sang ‘Rock-a-bye Baby’ without the words since I couldn’t remember all of them. Pretty soon he quieted down, though he still wouldn’t drink his milk, so I put him to bed and in a few minutes he was asleep.

My first experience with a kid that young. I must say it’s a lot easier to look after kids who can speak–at least they can tell you want they want, and you can reason with them. I wonder what you do when you first have a kid? How do you know how to look after it properly? I guess there must be books or something.

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