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Flashback: Self Reflections

March 1995 (Megan is 14)

I like to have close friends, ones who I can really talk to, but at the same time, I feel myself holding back. I don’t want to share myself with people and I’m becoming very personal. I contradict myself.

It is funny in a way, that although I try to not brag or get too full of myself, at the same time I want people to think I’m good at stuff. For example, it made me tremendously annoyed that my English teacher assumed I wasn’t very good at drawing.

There are some times that I like, but I don’t like at the same time. For instance, yogurt. I like it, but when I think of having it, I remember that it is sour and often decide not to. Another is pea soup. Perhaps I like it because I don’t.

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