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if everything happens that can't be done

Still with the researching. Have decided the Norse had far too many gods. Taking into account them + spouses + various giants and valkyries and beasts = far too many names to remember. Particularly disconcerting is that characters mentioned in the first Norse Mythology book I read do not seem to come up in the primary sources (at least not the Eddas) or the Davidson book.

For the first time in my life, I am wishing a book had footnotes. :P

It wouldn't matter if I hadn't wanted to use one child-of-a-god in particular as a semi-important character in the novel. She must have come from somewhere. Google searches are only giving me questionable summary sites that also have no source info. Grrr.

Have also had a chat with my main character, who opened up real quick and told me what his deal is, so now I have character motivation and origins settled. And sorted out the approximate sequence of events. Am waiting on a couple of library books on Scandinavian/Icelandic culture; may decide I can go to the index cards tomorrow without them.

Yikes. I might be writing this thing on Wednesday.

Well, maybe not so much with the 'yikes'. Theoretically (ha ha) it's straight-forward. The only thing I'm a little edgy about is that it'll be the first novel I'll have written in 1st person. Good thing my boy is a talkative one. Let's see if he can chatter his way through 200 pages.

To end, I find myself compelled to aid matociquala in spreading the word. Or rather, The Skinhead Hamlet.

You can thank me later. ;)

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