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Five things I learned at my first author signing

I had my first author presentation and book signing yesterday (and held the finished book in my hands for the first time! *squee* Sadly we ran out so I don’t have it with me any longer, but my official author copies should be coming soon), so I thought I’d share a few things I learned.

1. Book people are awesome. (Okay, so I already knew this. But now I know it even more!)

2. It’s all right to give a talk that isn’t funny. I was worried my presentation wouldn’t be entertaining enough, because, well, I don’t happen to have any really amusing anecdotes about the writing of GHOST. But lots of people said they really enjoyed it, so obviously that’s okay!

3. There is excitement for teen books with no lovey-dovey! Several booksellers and librarians told me they were excited to hear GHOST focused on friendship instead of romance. I got more comments on that than anything else about the book.

4. It is a small world. One of the booksellers I talked to was from the (not terribly small) town where my grandmother lives, and I commented on that, and it turned out she knows her! What are the chances?

5. Publicists are awesome. Many thanks to Katherine and everyone else at H.B. Fenn who set the Fall Preview up, and invited me to come!

Hope to have pictures to share soon!

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