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An inquiry into the publishing connections myth

Several times in the last couple years, I've come across the assumption that it's incredibly hard to get a book published without connections in the industry. I've always argued against this, seeing it as a myth. After all, I had no connections when I got my agent and sold my book, and most of the other authors I've talked to about it didn't, either.

But "authors I've talked to about it" isn't a very large sample, and I figure those aspiring authors in need of hope are more likely to listen to evidence that's a little more solid. So! My current project is to provide that evidence.

Have you sold a book-length work of fiction at some point during your life? (We're sticking to fiction because I know nonfiction is in many ways a totally different creature.) Doesn't matter the genre or age group you wrote for--kids, teens, adults--it's all good.

If you have, please fill out this quick poll for me.

Even if you did have connections that helped you sell your book, I still want to hear from you! It's only representative if it includes everyone. Who knows, I could be proven wrong and find out that it isn't such a myth after all.

And, because the more data we get the stronger the evidence, I would be grateful if you'd pass word about this poll along to other writers.

I'll keep it open for at least a week and then post the findings.

Thanks in advance!

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