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Writer at Work: Launch plans

I’m going to be celebrating the launch of GIVE UP THE GHOST in a couple of different ways. I’ll be having a launch party in a local bookstore (which of course all local people will be invited to), which’ll be happening a couple weeks after the book’s out, and I’d like to do something to celebrate with people online on or shortly after the release date as well (you all will be invited to that!).

This being my first book, I’ve never done this before. And I’d like to make both events as fun as possible. So, dear readers, this is where I turn to you!

In-person launch parties: What do you like to see happen at a launch party? I’ll definitely be signing books, but what else–a reading? A talk about the writing of the book? Swag to grab? Some sort of giveaway? Q&A? What have you seen at other launch parties that you really enjoyed? Any tips on what not to do?

Online launch parties: What do you like to see happen at an online launch party? I’m thinking I’ll open up a Chatzy room for an hour or two so people can come and talk with me and each other. Maybe there should be a separate chat (or time period) for people who want to discuss the book after reading, so that those who don’t want to read spoilers can leave/skip that one? I’ve heard of people doing giveaways during chat but not sure how that works. Anything else you’ve seen at online launch parties that you enjoyed?

Your thoughts are much appreciated. :)

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