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all i need is for you to tell me it is ok

Title taken from explodingdog, to which I was directed by hi_scores (*hugs*) and which everyone must go see. If I can make my characters as expressive as some of those stick figures, I will be a happy writer. ;)

Loki's Boy is index carded (19 scenes) and ready to roll; as usual, I'm terrified that it'll fall to pieces the second I try to actually write the thing. Silly self. Will kick procrastination's butt and get on with it... some time this afternoon.

Yesterday (without even a phone booth!) I became Super Quick Turn Around Girl. Rejection on "Hack" in at 12:30 pm. "Hack" sent out to next market at 4:30 pm. Ph34r my l337 submission skillz. Unfortunately, this is the last pro market that takes horror stories over 6K (well, I might give Strange Horizons or Realms of Fantasy a shot, but I suspect it's too horror for either). Am thinking maybe I should poke at it until I can turn it into a different, shorter story. But I like it the way it is. Grrr. Fiddled briefly with the opening and will update the excerpt on the site when I get around to it.

Still haven't heard from Ideomancer about "Horns". Presumably should in the next 48 hours as they start taking new submissions again on August 1st. Must keep reminding self that it is pretty cool that they even considered it for this long. And breathe. Breathing is good.

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