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Flashback: Friend Issues

April 11, 1994 (Megan is 13)

W is mad at me again. I think it’s because I said that she always told me her work was horrible when it wasn’t. Of course, she could just be mad at me for siding with X.

Another thing about W that bugs me is she always expects me to help her with her stuff and when I or anyone else ask for her help, she doesn’t want to give it. Also, she says “That’s a stupid idea” when I’m giving an idea to someone else. I mean, it’s none of her business anyway.

She is always saying “I don’t care.” She seems to think I can read her mind or something. Today in Advisory I asked her if she wanted to practice the dance at lunch at my house and she said “I don’t care” so I assumed she didn’t care. I said X could eat at my house and W goes “I thought I was coming to your house.” I said that she said she didn’t care.

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