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Easy ways to support authors and books

As nice as it would be if every one of you could go out and grab a copy of GHOST right now, I know for some people that’s just not possible. There are so many great books coming out, and already released. And times have been particularly tough this year.

At the end of last year, Lisa Schroeder wrote this excellent post on how authors can support fellow authors when your heart is bigger than your wallet. She’s got a list of great suggestions, and there are even more in the comments. And most of them apply to readers as well as authors!


-Recommending titles to your local library (1). As Lisa says, I’ve seen many library websites have a spot online where you can do this in just seconds!

-Asking about bookmarks or postcards you can hand out (4). I’ve got tons of both, and I know many other authors do, too. And simply offering a bookmark or postcard to your friends, teachers, and librarians does a lot to get word out.

-Posting reviews and lists (6 & 8). I check reader reviews and Amazon lists when I’m deciding which books to add to my to-read list, and I’m sure I’m far from alone!

-Group book buys (second comment). I think this could work particularly well for readers! Get together with a group of your book-loving friends, pool your money on a few titles you’d all like to read, and then share them!

See the full list for even more ideas. And let me know if you’ve come up with great ideas of your own! Honestly, any little thing you do to spread the word about an author or book, even if it’s simply mentioning it to a friend, makes a difference. And every author is grateful for anything you do!

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