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How to Scam Writers for Fun and Profit

Ever heard of the National or International Library of Poetry? I hope not. If you have it's probably because you're one of the many writers duped into shelling out your money to get one of their "beautifully bound volumes" with your poem in it.

I'm not only speaking on behalf of exploited writers; I'm also a member... er, one of them. (Do a search for the name Megan Crewe there and you'll find it.)

Thankfully when they accepted my poem as a "semifinalist" several years ago, my hackles when up about their purchasing policy and they didn't get a cent from me. But I'm sure there are tons of others who've sent off the $40-$60 cover prices for these books which hold thousands of poems each... Well, you do the math. The trick is, they accept every single poem every sent to them.

This is not a time to be rubbing your hands together and plotting how you too will make millions. Yes, it's clever business strategy. It's also scummy.

I've been warning people about them for years, but now there is explicit proof! Flobble bobble blop indeed.

Besides, who wants their poetry published in books with cheesy names like "A Blossom of Dreams" and "Loveliness Unfurled"?

< /public service announcement>

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