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You ever notice how…

…you’ll have one week where nothing’s going on and then one where things are totally crazy?

Guess which week this is for me. :)

However, I still intend to be keeping my blogging up, just forgive me any errant typos!

Today I got to do two awesome author appearances, one with a grade 12 Writers Craft course at Humberside C.I. and the other with a grade 8 class visiting the Bloor Gladstone Library (in all its renovated glory — seriously, I want to move to Bloor and Dufferin just so that can be “my” library). I really enjoy getting to share my experiences and what I’ve learned about the publishing industry with teens, many of whom are aspiring writers themselves. Hopefully my talks give them a little hope that they could be the one up there talking in another ten years!

I got asked a lot of interesting questions, such as:

Why did you decide to write this book and not some other one? (Pretty much because this was the one that most wanted to get written.)

Who is the girl on the cover? (Wish I could tell you, but I’ve got not idea!)

Do you read manga? (Yes, occasionally, but I’m more into anime.)

Are you rich? (Sadly, no. ;) I have a day job along with my writing work in order to get the bills all paid.)

Looking forward to talking with some more teens tomorrow!

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