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Drive-by Update

Found lots of useful info in the library books; still think I'm going to have to track down some Norse/Viking scholars to read the novel before I attempt to get it published, because there are so many little details that no one bothers to talk about, but that come up when you're setting a scene.

Story is moving along, but slowly. I can already see there's a problem with the set up--the narrator isn't very involved in quite a bit of the action, merely observing. Will have to work on making him more active as I go and in the next draft. It can be hard to kick the story into gear when the main character isn't really moving. ;)

Still no word on "Horns". I know they have it, and I know they're still looking at a few, so I guess I just have to keep waiting. Hopefully not for too much longer, or I may die of the suspense.

"Seven Years" is heading off to On Spec, which means I won't hear on it for at least four months, whether they like it or not. :P But hey, at least they take flash fic.

I've put all of the posts with Signi excerpts into my Memories section (in the section--who'da thunk it--Signi Excerpts ;)) so they're easy to find, if anyone ever happens to be looking for them.

And who said it was allowed to be August already? School starts again in a month. I have to start researching my thesis now. It doesn't even have the decency to look like summer. *glares at gloominess outside*

Ah well. I'm going to be in a good mood anyway. :)

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