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Blog Tour: L.K. Madigan and FLASH BURNOUT

Please welcome L. K. Madigan, whose thoughtful and complex YA novel FLASH BURNOUT was released last month.

About the book:

Fifteen-year-old Blake has a girlfriend and a friend who's a girl. One of them loves him, the other one needs him.

When he snapped a picture of a street person for his photography homework, Blake never dreamed that the woman in the photo was his friend Marissa's long-lost meth addicted mom.

In a tangle of life, death, and love, Blake will emerge with a more sharply defined snapshot of loyalty.

An Interview with L.K. Madigan:

Me: What were your favorite books (or types of books) as a teen, and what was it about them that appealed to you? What, on the other hand, would make you put a book down?
L.K.: I was a voracious, non-discriminating reader as a teen – you name it, I read it! I think that’s the way to go, as a young reader. How else will you discover what you really like? Now that I think of it, I probably read more horror than any other genre, because I was a big Stephen King fan. Funnily enough, I can’t imagine writing horror. Or more accurately, I can imagine it too well and it scares me!
I rarely gave up on a book back then – it would have to be exceptionally dull for me to put it down. I recall feeling pretty miserable during THE BROTHERS KARAMAZOV in college.

Me: Have your reading tastes stayed the same, or have you discovered new loves and peeves (and if so, what are they)?
L.K.: Nowadays I don’t read horror, but I love a good ghost story. I’m looking forward to Lisa Schroeder’s CHASING BROOKLYN, the third of her novels-in-verse, which comes out in January, and Sonia Gensler’s Victorian ghost story THE REVENANT, which comes out in 2011. I was lucky enough to read both those books in manuscript form, and I can’t wait to read the finished products! Saundra Mitchell’s SHADOWED SUMMER is another gorgeous spine-tingler of a tale. I'm also really looking forward to your book, Megan. :-)
I’m still a voracious reader, but I’m more discriminating now: I prefer middle grade and young adult fiction. Since books for those age groups tend to move quickly in terms of pacing, I find that now when I read adult literary novels, I have very little patience for long expository sections or overly-detailed character sketches. I definitely put books down when they don't engage me.

Me: What are you working on now?
L.K.: I’m working on revisions for my YA fantasy, which comes out next year. It doesn’t have a title yet, but I’ve been calling it THE MERMAID’S MIRROR. I’m also still drafting a third novel; I hope to turn it over to my critique group soon. I know it needs work!

Hope you enjoyed getting to know L.K.! More interviews to come later this month. :)

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