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And the editing continues

Well, it's not really editing, yet. I've read through just over half of the Signi book. Only making general notes along the margins and in my notebook, about major things I want to change--tone, characterization, series of events. One thing I'm noticing a lot is that I pack too much into too little. Some chapters race from one situation into another with hardly any transition. Maybe I've spent too much time on writing shorts lately; I've gotten used to having to try to make every paragraph punch. With a novel it needs to be a little more leisurely, to give the reader some breathing space here and there.

Quite a bit of style stuff I need to work on, too. Mostly breaking down the clunky sentences into simpler, more direct ones. So far the basic structure seems to be working all right, other than the changes I already knew I was going to have to make: things I realized partway through and didn't want to slow myself down by fixing the inconsistencies in earlier chapters.

Once I'm done the first read-through, I'll probably make up a list of notes to keep in mind for each chapter, and then start rewriting. That'll probably happen this weekend. And yes, you will start getting excerpts again. Probably some comparative ones, showing how things have changed. I don't mind showing the bad writing so much if you can see that I've improved it, too. ;)

As for Loki's Boy, I suspect I'm going to have to write off those first three chapters as a false start, and come to it again from the beginning once it's had a little more time to settle in my brain. Still love the idea, so nothing's really lost.

And to my friends--I am still reading your entries. I just haven't been commenting, for the most part, because I've been feeling so caught up in my own stuff that I can't think of what to say to anyone else. It's like my life is a messy room right now, and I like what's in it but it's all over the place and I'm trying to get it into some sort of order so I can move around more freely. This is taking, really, all of my focus, and it's not exactly a room I can walk out of to clear my head. Plus I've never been very good at focusing on more than one thing at once. So it seems fairer to not say anything than to say things I haven't been able to give proper thought. If that makes any sense.

Happy (belated) birthday to astres!



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Aug. 27th, 2003 06:34 pm (UTC)
Thank you for the birthday wishes :)

Good luck with the editting :)

BTW, I DID write that night....but only about 200 words...if I was lucky X.x
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