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Many of you have probably already heard about Amazon.com’s sudden removal of all Macmillan titles (they are still available on the website for sale by third parties, but not from Amazon itself). Macmillan’s CEO had something to say about why this might be.

Since GIVE UP THE GHOST was published by Henry Holt, one of Macmillan’s houses, that means at the moment it can not be bought from Amazon.com.

Which makes this an excellent time to continue to encourage you to support your local independent bookstores! If you had intended to purchase GHOST or any other Macmillan title from Amazon, I recommend instead checking Indiebound to see if any indies in your area carry it. If they don’t, I am a big fan of Powells, which will ship anywhere in the US and has a free shipping offer as well!

And if you have a preference for chain stores for whatever reason, I would point out that Barnes and Noble is still carrying GHOST in several locations as well as online.

After all, just because there’s a bully in the room doesn’t mean you have to pay them any notice. (Though if you would like to express disappointment with Amazon’s actions, that may be helpful in getting this situation resolved quickly!)

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