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On the publishing front

(forgot to include this in yesterday's entry)

Ideomancer has now had "Horns" for more than five months. I sent a second query letter last week and am waiting in much suspense to hear back. Really hope they haven't already replied (and rejected) without my receiving it. :P

"Tongue-Tied", at Realms of Fantasy, has been read (hurray for the slush pile list); if I haven't gotten a rejection on it by the end of the week, I can start hoping it was passed on to Shawna McCarthy.

But most promising of all--"Frozen" went to ChiZine, and almost immediately one of the fiction editors wrote back to say he'd liked it and sent it on to the head editor. Needless to say, there was much bouncing around the room when that e-mail arrived. :D It's no guarantee of anything, but at least I know that at least this once, someone liked one of my stories enough to a) read it all the way through and b) recommend it upwards.

Now back to the writing.

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