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Finished Fire & Hemlock, read Edward Eager's Half Magic yesterday. Much fun. Want to read A Fistful of Sky next but it's big (hardcover) and so hard to carry around. May hit the Firebringer trilogy next instead, though I'm a little worried I'll hate the second and third books.

Found out that one of the MA programs I'd planned on applying to as a back-up plan is actually only a PhD program. Don't want to do a whole PhD yet. Blah. That leaves three. Plus I'll probably apply to the PhD one, anyway, since I do already have the materials. But on the other hand, it costs $75 to apply. Double blah.

Current resolve is to write for at least half an hour every day. More if possible. So far have managed, though it's not enough--have only gotten four pages done in the last three days. Will try to up it to an hour as the schedule allows.

Enough procrastinating.

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