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Reader Question: Ghosts

Do you believe in ghosts and have you ever seen or felt the presence of a ghost? If yes, please tell! And if no, would you like to?

When it comes to most things paranormal, I consider myself an open-minded skeptic. I don’t believe ghosts definitely exist, because I’ve never had an experience or come across evidence that convinced me of it. But I don’t believe they definitely don’t exist, either, because I have heard many stories from many other people that are very convincing, even if not quite enough to decide me.

I’ve never seen a ghost myself, that I know of. One time, when I was a teenager living at my parents house, one of our cats started acting very strangely, reacting as if there was something very scary under my bed. He sprang across the room, flailed and scratched me when I tried to pick him up, and then ran out and sat at the top of the stairs staring at the bed through my open door for quite a while. He’d formerly loved to hide under it and for months afterward completely avoided it. I wondered if there was some sort of presence there that he sensed but I didn’t.

Would I like to? You know, if ghosts do exist, I think I’d want to see one simply so that I would know for sure. I’m always the sort of person who’d rather know what’s going on than not.

What about you? Have you ever seen a ghost, or evidence one was around?

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Originally published at Megan Crewe - another world, not quite ours. You can comment here or there.


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Apr. 8th, 2010 06:33 pm (UTC)
I grew up believing in ghosts, because my mother always did. The house we lived in when I was 6 or 7 had one, which my mom says she saw and felt.

The apartment I lived in during college had a ghost, which I never saw but I felt it sit on the sofa next to me.

The house where I was a nanny was haunted, too. I heard the ghost (a little girl) singing in the backyard late at night, and saw things fly off coathooks.

I guess it's no wonder that my current work-in-progress is a ghost story!
Apr. 8th, 2010 06:38 pm (UTC)
Have had a few things happen at my house which could be paranormal or not. But in high school visiting my best friend up in Virginia, while we were alone in the house we heard the sound of a bed upstairs being scooted across the floor . . . so creepy!!!

My husband is a ghost hunter, did I ever mention that?

Apr. 10th, 2010 02:46 am (UTC)
I do and I have. In elementary, we went on a field trip to the Alamo. (I live in San Antonio. It's absolutely necessary!) When you walk in the front door, on the left there are rooms, and on the right is a little alcove that has black bars over it. I remember walking in and glancing over there. There was a guy standing in there wearing a military uniform from that time. I saw him very clearly, and remember him just watching me. I figured it was just an employee that they stuck in there, though I couldn't figure out WHY they stuck him behind the bars. When we left, I asked my friends if they saw him and they all insisted that there was no one there. I let it go because I saw him. I KNEW he was there. I just figured that my friends were playing a joke on me. (None of the adults saw him either.) Years later when I went back, I looked over there again and noticed that there's no gate on those bars. There's no way for anyone to get in there. The bars are bolted to the wall, and have been for a very long time. I've asked my dad and he says that they've never had anyone in there and that those bars have always been like that...that there's never been a way for anyone to get in there. Given what I remember and the facts that I now know, I firmly believe that he was a ghost. I don't know who he was, why he chose to stare at me the whole time. I get a strange feeling even being near the place, and mostly try to avoid going there.
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