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Submission Math

I had the bizarre urge this morning to count up the number of rejection letters I've received. My lifetime total so far (and I think this is actually missing one or two prior to 1997, which didn't get recorded but are somewhere in my filing cabinet): 65

I think I should have a party or something when I hit 100. :)

Submission Stats as of Feb '02 (when I really threw myself into it):

Currently on the market: 8
Rejections: 42
Pro Acceptances: 0
Non-Pro Paying Acceptances: 4
Non-Paying Acceptances: 1

I feel like I've been submitting a lot, but somehow that doesn't look like all that much. Dammit, I need to write more shorts so I can have more out there. ;)

And dammit, I just slept 10 hours but I still feel way too tired.

Tags: numbers, short stories, submitting

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