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Paperback of GHOST, and more overseas news!

I don’t know for sure how official the date is, but if Amazon is at least reasonably accurate, the paperback of GIVE UP THE GHOST should be available sometime next spring! Which means there will be more giveaways and other fun stuff to come when we get closer to that time. :D

And… I’ve just gotten word that GIVE UP THE GHOST will be published in Germany (in paperback) by Verlagsgruppe Oetinger! Not sure when yet, but I will keep you posted as details come in.

Since we’re talking paperbacks, I’m curious: what format do you prefer, hardcover or paperback?

Me, I like paperbacks because they’re lighter and smaller so easier to carry, I can fit more of them on my bookshelves, and since they’re less expensive I can buy more of them. But for books released as both, the benefit of the hardcover is obviously I get to read it a lot sooner! So my purchases tend to be split about 50/50 depending on how willing I am to wait.

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