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Reader Question: Early Inspiration

Was there a specific author or book that inspired you to become a writer?

The short answer is, no.

The long answer is–I would never say I wasn’t inspired by the authors I read while I was growing up. I devoured all the Zilpha Keatley Snyder and Roald Dahl books I could find, and re-read my favorites (THE CHANGELING and THE WITCHES, respectively) over and over, for example. Those books definitely influenced the paths I took with my writing.

But, I think I was bound to become a writer before I even knew how to read. I loved stories from the first time my parents started reading picture books to me, and right away I was trying to make up my own (dictating to my mom so she could transcribe them, since I didn’t yet know how to print, either). There was never a moment when I read a particular book and thought, wow, I want to do this too. I was already doing it. I’ve never known how to not do it.

Fellow writers–did you have a moment of inspiration when you decided to pursue writing? Or was it something that just sort of happened?

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