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Reader Question: Writing order

When you write, do you write out of order or chapter by chapter as the story unfolds?

I always write in narrative order (so, the order I want things come up in the story, which isn’t necessarily chronological order due to flashbacks and the like). I know some authors find it easier to keep their enthusiasm going if they can jump around and write the scenes they’re most excited about at any given moment, but I find it very hard to keep my momentum going and feel the way the story is building toward the conclusion unless I’m following it straight through. It also makes it a lot easier to remember what any given character is supposed to know in any given scene, and what’s happened recently that should be affecting them!

I do, of course, jot plenty of notes about future scenes as I write along and new ideas occur to me, and occasionally write out a little dialogue just so I don’t lose it.

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