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Catching up

You know you've been pushing yourself too hard when your body goes on strike. Took the day off sick, as I'm rather, well, sick. Mostly fatigued. Walking to and from the kitchen is tiring. I feel like such an invalid. :P

So, I have been sleeping and sitting around writing (nearly 2000 words of the rewrite today! yay me!) and will shortly be doing some reading, because this has become Giving Megan A Break Day. The boy will be around soon and then it will be complete. Have also decided to create new mental priority list, going something like this:

1. Writing/Reading
2. Boy
3. Thesis
4. Everything else

The trick will be getting my brain to go along with it. I've been stuck in school-is-most-important-responsibility gear for too long. New motto: Being happy is most important responsibility. I know myself. The school stuff will get done. Just with less stress.

New books came today: Lucy The Giant by Sherri L. Smith, Gingerbread by Rachel Cohn, and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon. I'm particularly eager to get started on the last, as its narrator is a boy with autism, and one of the women I work with highly recommended it to me. But first must finish Mrs. Dalloway.

So, off to do so.

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