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The music of Give Up the Ghost: “Trouble”

The paperback of GIVE UP THE GHOST is coming out in just three months! Since music is one of my biggest writing inspirations, every week until then I’m going to post a song from the unofficial soundtrack of the book, along with a few thoughts about how it relates to the story. :)

First up is “Trouble” by Lisa Germano:

If GHOST has a theme song, this is it. I listened to the album “Trouble” comes from, Geek The Girl, about a gazillion times while I was writing the book, and I think it’d be one of Cass’s favorites. The tone fits her cynical, awkward-but-trying-to-be-confident persona so well.

And this song in particular gives a pretty accurate sense of Cass’s emotional conflict throughout the book. That feeling of wanting to connect but being scared to, of not knowing how to change and so making mistakes you hate even as you’re making them. The lyrics aren’t perfect, but I could imagine her thinking lines like “And as I smile, I catch myself” and “yeah I’m human too” right in the narration.

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