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Bored on the Street

Stopped by the city's annual literary festival, Word On The Street, after work today. Haven't been in a few years, and I have to say it's gone downhill. The last time I went they were giving out free copies of magazines, and there was a school bus full of retired library books you could fill a large bag with for $5. Sweet!

This year I had to settle for a free copy of the CANSCAIP newsletter (reading which has made me doubt whether I'd want to bother joining--not awful, just not remotely useful), and a few excellent deals on books: picked up a volume of Philip K. Dick's shorts for me, and two Akira graphic novels for the boy. I also saw a magician who was rather entertaining, but he didn't have anything to do with the festival, really.

Otherwise, it was mostly overpriced fiction by Canadian authors I've never heard of. Considering I won't buy reasonably priced fiction by most Canadian authors I have heard of, this was not a thrilling opportunity.

Ah well. Perhaps the boy will be able to come next year, and we can wreck some havoc if it's not entertaining enough to suit us. Havoc-wrecking is just no fun on one's own.

Now to the laptop.


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