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80 Book Giveaway–in honor of L.K. Madigan’s awesomeness

The Feast of Awesome (otherwise known as the 2009 Debutantes) is giving away 40 sets of L.K. Madigan’s two books. Why? To celebrate what a wonderful writer and friend she is, because recently Lisa got some very hard news.

I was impressed by Lisa’s writing from the moment I started FLASH BURNOUT, which has one of the most authentic boy voices I’ve ever read, and is all around heart-wrenching and real and honest in its portrayal of teens and friendship and love. I was lucky enough to get to read an early version of her second book, THE MERMAID’S MIRROR, as a critiquer, and I could tell readers would adore Lena’s story too.


I’d love to share both of these great books with even more readers. To find out how to enter, read the full giveaway post. Whether you enter or not, please consider spreading the word!

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