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The music of Give Up the Ghost: “Understand the Dream is Over”

The sixth song on the unofficial soundtrack for Give Up the Ghost is “Understand the Dream is Over” by The Juliana Theory.

(Excuse the Kingdom Hearts footage. This is the only video I could find with the album version of the song)

Mostly I just like the feel of the song; the angry and defiant tone with hints at sadness and fear, that I think fits Cass’s perspective rather well. And you could see it as being about Tim’s struggle to accept that his life and his friends aren’t as great as he thought they were. Both characters are dealing with new truths and understanding, and trying to decide where to go from there.

Where do we go, from here… Oops, sorry, having a Buffy musical moment.

Just six more songs and six more weeks (until GHOST’s paperback release) to go!

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