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A few thoughts on sequels

Ways in which writing a sequel is easier than writing a standalone/first book:

-I already know the characters (well, the ones that are returning; there are new ones too) and generally what they want and how they will act in various situations.

-I have conflicts already built into book 1 that can continue to unfold.

-People have already enjoyed book 1, so I can go into this story with a reasonably good expectation that if I write it well, people will enjoy finding out more about those characters and their conflicts.

Ways in which writing a sequel is harder than writing a standalone/first book:

-I have to find new and exciting things to do with characters who have already been through a lot, or people are going to wonder why they are bothering to read more about them.

-I need to come up with fresh yet equally-engaging conflicts that still fit within a world and backstory I can’t change now.

-People have already enjoyed book 1, so they are going to have certain expectations of enjoying book 2, so I had better write it really really well.

Yes, I am back to work on the The Way We Fall sequel. Inspire me! What are your favorite sequels, and why?

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