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Cuteness follows

Why it is good to send off a query letter every now and then: Inquired at Stillwaters Journal about "'Could We Still Be Friends?'" and it turns out their server had problems around the time I submitted the story and it must have been lost. The editor said I should send the story again and he'd let me know by the weekend. Five days to potential rejection. Suddenly I wondered if maybe I wouldn't have felt better assuming it was still being considered. Heh.

Of course, being the optimistic (and the rejection-letter-desensitized) person I am, I sent it off right away.

Query to Ideomancer confirmed that they are still thinking about "Horns". They've had it for almost six months. One of those times when I'd really like to get a peek behind the scenes and see what exactly's going on back there.

None of which has anything to do with cuteness. That follows. ;) Random non-writing-related posting of photo (because I happen to be going through my digi pics), from the Ferret Frolic a few weeks ago:

You may notice that the ferrets are a little camera-shy. As for Chris, he didn't know I was putting him in the picture.


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