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More on Japan

Since I’m sure I’m not the only one still following the situation in Japan closely, I thought I’d share some more links I’ve found useful for getting and understanding the latest news.

I still highly recommend the NPR articles on Japan. The Lede blog has stopped focusing on Japan, but the New York Times front page continues to run stories on the most urgent matters each day.

For the most up-to-date news, I’ve been checking Kyodo News and NHK World, both Japanese news sources with English articles. They note any new developments well before most of the North American sources.

And for straight-forward info on exactly what is happening, without any emotional commentary, the World Health Organization website has daily reports covering both the aftereffects of the earthquake and nuclear concerns.

I’ve also found two forums very useful for hearing reports from the ground–residents and visitors currently in Japan, as well as those in contact with friends and relatives there: the TripAdvisor Japan Forums and the Japan-Guide.com Travel forum.

Finally, if you want to contribute in a kids lit sort of way, there’s another auction site on the go with prizes offered by many awesome authors: Children’s Authors & Illustrators for Japan.

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