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Flashback: Older guy

When I was in eleventh grade, I decided I wanted to learn how to play guitar. (Not a compulsion that ended up sticking, I’ll admit.) So I signed up for a music course as part of this continuing education program. Turned out everyone else in the class was at least in their twenties, and since with the hair-cut I had at the time, I didn’t look incredibly young, they tended to assume I was too. Which lead to the occasional awkward situation…

November 1996 (Megan is 15)

from November 5

You can really tell the worth of a person to yourself by how they treat your stuff. I brought in the tab for a song for the guy who sits next to me in guitar class, ’cause he’d wanted to play it but I hadn’t been able to teach him by showing him. He stepped on it a couple of times and pushed it around with his foot and never asked if I wanted it back (which by that point I didn’t). It’ll be the eighth day of the week before I help him again. Geez!

from November 12

You know I mentioned that guy who sits next to me, who I lent the Suzanne Vega music to? Well, I’m getting a bit paranoid and a bit worried that he might be considering me. He talked to me all during the 15 minute break and on the way from the school to one of the lights (he walked home from there). Now, there are two rather major problems here, if I’m right. Firstly, I don’t like him particularly. I can be very friendly and carry on a decent conversation with anyone who is friendly to me, and still not like the person at all. (The only good thing about him is he likes Smashing Pumpkins, and he only has Gish and Siamese Dream.) The second problem is he must, like the teacher, assume I’m close to his age (he’s 25), and I’m not. I’m almost 10 years younger, so even if I did like him, I’m already screwed, because as soon as he asks a question that leads to an answer showing I’m in high school I bet you he doesn’t talk to me again.

The thing is, what if he doesn’t ask that question? What if he asks for my phone number or something? I don’t want him to call me–can I just say no? It seems awfully rude… I guess I’ll deal with it when the time comes, if it comes at all.

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