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I mentioned yesterday that I had a reason for changing the blog schedule–the reason is, my Japan trip is still on, and I’m leaving tomorrow morning!

I’m very excited for a few reasons. One, because I’ve wanted to visit for a long time, but we’ve had to postpone traveling there more than once for various reasons. Two, because it means I can finally do the research needed to properly write the Japan book I am eager to share with you all! And three, because by going we can help out the Japanese economy during this difficult time.

I am hoping to blog while I’m over there–I was thinking maybe posting a photo and a brief explanation every day, as I doubt I’ll have time for lengthy exposition–but that will depend on my internet access and my ability to figure out photo editing and blogging using my iPad. :) I will definitely be checking my email, just be aware I’ll probably take longer than usual to get back to you. And I will make a full report when I return three weeks from now!

Have a great April, everyone!

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