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Hello breakthrough

Found The Curious Incident so addictive that I just spent the last three hours reading it, and am now finished. V. good book. And pretty accurate portrayal of a kid with autism, too.

Then sat down to do some rewriting, and to think about stylistic stuff, and in the space of about ten minutes figured out what I wanted to try, tried it for a couple paragraphs, and am rather pleased with the result. Think this may be partly inspired by a discussion last night on (among other things) the origins of literature in primitive storytelling. Signi is, after all, about myths and the inherent story-weaving in human nature. Why not tell it like a tale for 'round the bonfire?

Why didn't I think of this five chapters ago?


I hate leaving a draft before it's finished. That's pretty near the top of the list of Do Nots. But I fail to see the point in continuing for another 50,000 words when I'm just going to have to start all over again the second I'm done. So, out with the old, in with the new.

Feeling a little nervous, as this is a rather major and unfamiliar voice thing I'm trying to pull off. But also feeling excited. This, at least, is closer to what I wanted. I'm getting it there.

One stone at a time.

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