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Apologies and awesome news

This blog has been very quiet the last couple weeks, but for good reasons. I have been doing lots of writing and other important things! I think you will agree that finishing books is more important than writing blog entries.

But I wanted to let you all know some very excellent news: The Way We Fall has sold to Murdoch Books/Pier 9 in Australia!

This is the eighth country that’s picked it up, and it’s especially cool because this is the first foreign edition I will actually be able to read! Not that I generally sit around reading my own books after they’re published. But if I wanted to in this case, I totally could.

I am hoping to have more exciting news soon… I have been working on some final tweaks of the jacket copy for The Way We Fall with my editor, which I hope to share before much longer, and she says galleys are on their way soon. Stay tuned!

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