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The ARCs have landed!

You know how I mentioned last week that The Way We Fall ARCs were on their way? Well, they arrived even sooner than I imagined!

I opened the package, eager to hold my book as an actual book for the first time, and squeed over the (not yet final, but still awesome) cover:

After a period of squeeing and petting this awesomeness, my husband, who had immediately absconded with the other copy, said, “Have you looked at the inside yet?” I hadn’t. So I flipped open the cover, and squeed some more:

How much do I love that title page? Very very much. As I was telling my husband so, he noted that I hadn’t seen everything yet. So I turned the title page over:

It is hard to see, but the back of the title page has this really cool after-image effect on it. Hey, I thought, I wonder what they did with my section titles. (The book doesn’t have chapters. It’s divided into many journal entries, which are split between three sections.) I paged a little further in, and discovered this:

Cue even more squeeing and book-petting. Is that not lovely? I think it is lovely. And I am so, so excited for when you all will finally get to see this book and its awesomeness, inside and out, in person. January 24! Less than eight months now!

Not that I’m counting or anything…

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