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About time for an update

I have been writing and revising furiously for a while now, and today I turned in the sequel to The Way We Fall to my editor. Woohoo! It has a working title, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet, so I will have to tell you about it later.

But I do have time now to share a few bits of news from the last month.

-The Way We Fall and its sequels have sold to Sharp Point in Taiwan. My first sale in Asia! Hopefully the first of many. :D

-For the booksellers, teachers, librarians, and reviewers among you, advance digital e-copies of The Way We Fall are now available at NetGalley. This of course is not the absolutely final version of the book, but it’s pretty darn close.

-I’ve been told that I may be able to share a larger, official image of the cover as soon as mid-July. Just a few more weeks! As soon as that happens, I’ll be updating my website with lots of The Way We Fall related goodness.

Hope you’re all seeing the start of a great summer!

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