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like a kid in a candy shop

Emac arrived today. Is pretty, shiny, and new. Has shiny new OSX on it. Oooh. I cannot be blamed for not having done any writing yet, as I've been too busy playing with my new toy. I haven't had a new computer--like, new new, not just new-to-me--in more than ten years. And it's all mine. My precious. *pets computer*


Also went out and voted (there's an election in Ontario today), despite the cold and the fact that everyone already knows who's going to get in here, because I'm a good girl... and my mom got on my case about it. My natural instinct when it comes to politics is to bury my head in the sand. I promise to be a better citizen when I'm 40.

The new computer doesn't have Word on it. How bizarre. I will have to lift it off my dad when he's not too busy to tell me where the hell it is. Glad I do the writing on the laptop. It will hold me over.

The Arjuna soundtrack (Yoko Kanno!) is providing nice inspiration for Signi.

And now I will write.


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