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Win a trip to outer space!

Okay, not a literal trip, but one I think you’ll enjoy very much all the same. My friend and critique partner Deva Fagan‘s new book, Circus Galacticus, is coming out next week. It’s about a girl gymnast who gets a chance to join an intergalactic circus, meet aliens, explore the universe, and discover secrets about herself and her family, all in the midst of adventure and intrigue. There really isn’t enough non-dystopian science fiction out there right now, so I’m so excited to see this book out there! (And it’s also really really good. :) )

Want a chance to win a copy of the book and join Trix on her journey? Just comment on this post mentioning your email address and your favorite SF book for kids or teens. I’ll pick the winner on Circus Galacticus‘s release date, next Tuesday!

(Open to readers worldwide.)

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